Burrito Bowls


This week I challenged myself to make three taco inspired recipes using only 1 pound of meat. This was one of those recipes! The filling for my zucchini boats calls for all of the same ingredients that are in the topping for my burrito bowl. This makes it easy to double the recipe and make both dishes at the same time! The burrito bowls are 181 calories a serving (28g carbs, 12g protein). I did not add any extra sauces or cheese to this dish, but it could easily be added.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:


1 1/2 heads of romaine lettuce, chopped
1/4 pound ground turkey
1/4 gluten free taco seasoning packet
3/4 cup black beans
3/4 cup whole kernel sweet corn
1/2 cup cooked white rice
1/2 cup Mexican style shredded cheese
1/4 cup red onion chopped
1/4 tomato diced
1/4 cup water
1 jalapeño or 1/4 bell pepper chopped


1. Prepare the taco meat by browning the ground turkey over medium heat.
2. Add seasoning packet and approx. 1/4 cup of water to browned turkey. Simmer for 5 minutes.
3. Remove the taco meat from heat and place in a large bowl.
4. Add the black beans, corn, cooked rice, tomato and chopped jalapeño or bell pepper to the bowl.
5. Mix all ingredients until the taco seasoning from the meat is coated on all ingredients.
6. Place the chopped romaine lettuce into 4 separate containers. 
7. Divide the taco mixture between the 4 containers of lettuce or store separately, if not immediately serving.  
Please note: I recommend storing the taco mixture separately, because then you can warm up it up without ruining the lettuce. If you would like to consume the ingredients cold, you can assemble the bowls and store. If you like additional toppings, salsa, sour cream, cheese or guacamole can be added to this dish. 

This recipe serves 4. 

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Inspire Me, Gluten Free

My name is Lauren and I'm the creator of Inspire Me, Gluten Free! I'm here to help YOU get more comfortable in the kitchen! How? Great question; with the art of meal prepping! I'm not talking the boring prep that leaves you wanting more halfway into the week. I plan delicious versions of classic and unique gluten-free meals. Originally, I started meal prepping as a means to manage my budget and my waist line. What I didn't realize was just how much money I was saving monthly, because I was buying less and wasn't wasting money on unused or spoiled food. Choosing fresh ingredients helped me consistently lose 1-2 pounds a week. I had more time in the mornings/evenings, because I wasn't having to cook during the work week. All of these benefits made a world of difference in my life and they can do the same for YOU! Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or financial advisor. All statements are my own and are not affiliated with any groups or organizations. These are personal experiences being shared in the hopes that they can make a difference in other people's lives.

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